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DIY Chalk Banner!

Anna Marino chalk chalk fabric entertaining handmade handmade in philadelphia home oilcloth table waterproof wipeable

Stay organized this school year with chalk fabric from Freckled Sage! Chalk fabric is a fun and easy way to keep track of schedules, reminders, and your social life, and it will look great in your dorm or bedroom. This DIY banner is also perfect for the kitchen, the classroom, or the office! Freckled Sage has markers in a variety of colors to make your DIY chalk banner pop! Simply purchase a chalk runner and cut it to fit your needs. Take a look here at some of the possibilities:

Design a message board to hang on the outside of your door so friends can leave notes! Sew a pocket using extra chalk fabric to store markers.

Keep track of your class schedule by creating this cute weekly calendar - perfect for homework too! Use yarn or ribbon and a push pin to keep track of your markers.

To-do lists never looked so good! Design an eye-catching banner for your to-do list so you never forget a thing!

Make your shopping list in style! Write in what you need throughout the week and snap a picture before your trip to the grocery store.

Feeling inspired? Freckled Sage has everything you need to create an exciting DIY chalk banner!

Chalk runner here

Chalk markers here

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