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Basic Patterns - Dot, Big Dot, Chalk, Toile, Gingham, Large Gingham, Gingham and Flower, Gingham and Fruit, Flowers and Gingham, Stripe, Solid, Chevron, Houndstooth, Plaid

Animal Patterns - Animal Wonderland, Menagerie, Giraffe, Leopard, Zebra

Camo and Faux Bois

Kitchen Patterns - Forks and Spoons, Kitchen, Picnic, Teapot

Playful Patterns - Crayon, Stars, Fiesta, Chili Peppers, Jalapeno Peppers, Day of the Dead, Collage, Hearts and Stars, Nautical

Apple Patterns - Mod Apple, Apples, Retro, Country Apple, Apples and Pears

Cherries, Oranges & Pineapples

Plums, Strawberries & Watermelons

Doily - Doily, Modern Doily

Mixed Fruit Patterns - Fruit Basket, Fruit Cart,  Lemons and Roses, Mixed Fruits, Peaches and Pears, Retro, Sugarcane, Tropical Fruit

Large Flower Patterns - Big Flowers and Stripes, Garden, Sunflower, Hydrangea, Betty's Bunch, Poppy, Sage's Garden, Tropical Flower

Small Flower Patterns - Corn Flower, Istanbul, Cherry Blossom

Bouquets - Bouquet, Bows and Bouquet, Erick's Bouquet

Rose Patterns - Rose and Grid, Rose and Stem, Roses and Squares

Flower Clusters - Bloom, Flower Basket, Flowerpot, Flowers, Mum, Optical, Tulips, Orchid, Hawaii, Calla Lily, Edgar's Butterfly

Floral Squares - Mosaic, Sentimental, Fruit and Daisy 

Floral Borders - Dutch Tulip, Ribbons and Flowers