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About our Tablecloths

Here's some helpful information for you to know.


Please take the time to measure your table. Use a ruler or measuring tape.

For a Round Table  - simply measure across the widest point of the table. Then sit down at your table and measure down off the top to where you want it to fall - this is called the drape or overhang. Double this number and add it to the width. 

For a Square Table - both sides being equal all you need to do is measure across your table. Then sitting or standing measure down off the table to determine how much drape or drop you want. Double this number and add it to the width and to the length.

For a Rectangular Table -Measure the width, measure the length. Then measure down off the table to determine how much drop or overhang you'd like. Double this number and add it to both the width and the length.

Drop or Overhang - please note, there's no right or wrong amount of drape for a tablecloth, it is all personal preference. We recommend a minimum of 4". Most people want anywhere between 4" and 20".

Ovals and custom - we can make an oval - please note these are finished just like the rounds - merrowed. We are not able to put trim on an oval tablecloth.

If you have any questions about measuring, simply give us a call at 610.888.2037, we are always able to help!

How our Tablecloths are made:

Most of our fabrics are 47" wide. This means that if you order a tablecloth wider than 47"- 48" we will piece together the tablecloth. It will be pieced on the sides, never down the middle. So for example if you order a 60x84 tablecloth, we will put to strips of the same fabric down the sides and french seam it so it lays flat.

This is also true for any round tablecloth larger than 47". Our standard sizes, 60, 68, 79, 80, 90, 120 are all seamed together on the sides (never down the middle) and french seamed so it lays flat. We try to line up the fabric as best as possible. Some prints are not suitable if you want it perfectly lined up - for example our Dutch Tulips would not work well. If you have any doubt or questions, please check with us prior to ordering. Simply call us at 610.888.2037 or send us an email at


Care: All of our tablecloths are low maintenance. Simply wipe clean, using your favorite kitchen cleaner or soap and water. Spray, wipe then rinse clean.

Please note this is a tablecloth, not steel, so if you spill chemicals such as furniture polish, nail polish or remover, permanent markers and things other than food, there's a good chance you will stain and ruin the tablecloth. We will not be held responsible for these issues, remember it's a tablecloth! One other possible issue is tomato sauce on white tablecloths. It may or may not stain the tablecloth. Please take care when using high acidic sauces, it may stain the tablecloths with a white background.

We are Freckled Sage, the oilcloth experts, so we have lots of experience doing what we do!

All of our tablecloths are hand made in USA. We are great at custom items so if you have an odd shaped table - no worries, simply give us a call at 610.888.2037