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Get Ready For Halloween!

Anna Marino black entertaining gingham halloween handmade handmade in philadelphia home oilcloth orange party table tablecloth waterproof wipeable

Start your week off right by getting in the Halloween spirit with a bright, durable, wipe-able, festive genuine oilcloth tablecloth from Freckled Sage, shown here in Solid Orange with Black Gingham Trim!

(Click Here For Solid Orange With Black Gingham Trim)

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Fun and Festive Halloween Looks!

Anna Marino black chevron entertaining halloween handmade handmade in philadelphia holidays home oilcloth orange tablecloth waterproof wipeable

Here is another fun and festive Halloween tablecloth available now at Freckled Sage! Our genuine oilcloth tablecloths ship quick and are reusable so they’ll last for years! Chevron Orange with black gingham trim is shown here:

(Click here for Chevron Orange)

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October Is Here!

Anna Marino entertaining fall halloween handmade handmade in philadelphia home oilcloth party patio table tablecloth waterproof wipeable

October is here and it’s time to decorate your home, office, or classroom for Halloween with the help of Freckled Sage! We have lots of tablecloths in stock that are perfect Halloween, like Stripe Black with orange gingham trim as shown here. Also pictured is our chalk fabric runner, used as a banner and decorated with liquid chalk markers. Our genuine oilcloth tablecloths are a breeze to clean so they’re perfect for parties and enjoying Halloween treats, like candy apples. Feeling inspired? The oilcloth experts at Freckled Sage can provide you with the perfect tablecloth for Halloween!

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Trick or Treat Bags!

Anna Marino handmade handmade in philadelphia home oilcloth waterproof wipeable

Trick or Treat bags are now available at Freckled Sage! These genuine oilcloth bags are perfect for schlepping candy around the neighborhood on Halloween. They're also great for shopping at the farmer's market or grocery store. Oilcloth is wipe-able and waterproof so don't worry about messes - they're a breeze to clean! Take a look at these adorable Trick or Treat bags from Freckled Sage:

(Click Here for Trick or Treat Bags)

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Halloween Tablecloths!

Anna Marino backyard entertaining fall gingham halloween handmade handmade in philadelphia home oilcloth party patio table tablecloth toile waterproof wipeable

Get ready for Halloween with genuine oilcloth tablecloths from Freckled Sage! These tablecloths come in lots of fun orange and black prints to keep your table looking festive this fall. They are a must-have for costume parties, messy jack-o-lantern carving, or handing out candy to trick-or-treaters! Our genuine oilcloth is wipe-able, durable, and easy to clean so it is perfect for messy projects and parties! Best of all, these tablecloths are reusable so you can use it year after year! Visit Freckled Sage to check out these Halloween tablecloths!Read more →