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Dot - Black, Red, Lime, Blue, Light Blue, Pink, Silver, White on Red, Tan on Red, White on Tan.

Big Dot - Red, Navy, Purple, Pink, Black and Silver.

Plaid - Blue/Yellow, Lime/Orange, Pink/Lime, Red/Blue, Brown/Orange, Brown/Yellow, Green/Blue

Freckled Sage Plaid BlueFreckled Sage Plaid LimeFreckled Sage Plaid PinkFreckled Sage Plaid RedFreckled Sage Plaid Brown/OrangeFreckled Sage plaid Brown/YellowFreckled Sage Plaid Green

Chalk Fabric 
Toile - Black, Red, Blue, Pink, Brown, Silver, Gold, White on Black & Gold on Black.

 Houndstooth - Black, Orange, Lime, Dark Blue, Blue, Pink, Gold.
Gingham - Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Grass Green, Lime, Navy Blue, Light Blue, Pink, Blue

Large Gingham -  Red, Orange, Lime, Blue, Pink.
Gingham and Flowers - Red, Yellow, Lime, Dark Blue, Blue.
Gingham and Fruit - Red, Yellow, Green, Grass Green, Dark Blue, Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Pink, Root Beer, Brown
Flowers and Gingham - Red, Green, Blue, Pink.
Chevron - Black, Red, Tangerine, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Coral.
Stripe - Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink.
Fat Stripe - Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime, Blue.
Solid - Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Moss Green, Green, Lime, Navy Blue, Blue, Royal Blue, Light Blue, Silver, White.