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Treat Your Fur Babies!

Anna Marino cat mat dog floral fruit handmade handmade in philadelphia home mat oilcloth pet pet mat toile waterproof wipeable

Let the oilcloth experts at Freckled Sage liven up your furry friend’s eating area with our super cute pet mats! These mats come in lots of fun prints, like Toile Blue, Mum Green, Bloom Yellow, and Cherry Aqua. They are reversible and will keep your floor clean! Choose a fish-shaped mat for your kitty or a bone-shaped mat for your pup! These mats are stylish and super easy to wipe clean so they’re great for messy pets. Take a look at these fun cat and dog mats here:

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Pets Love Oilcloth, Too!

Anna Marino blue cat dog gingham handmade handmade in philadelphia home large gingham mat oilcloth pet pet mat red tablecloth waterproof wipeable

Check out Lucy’s adorable set-up for her pet! Lucy wanted to spruce up her furry friend’s eating area so she chose a custom-sized tablecloth in Large Gingham Red with blue gingham trim from Freckled Sage.  Our genuine oilcloth is wipe-able, stain-resistant, and easy to clean, which makes it perfect for messy pets. If her animal companion could talk, we’re sure it would tell us how much it loves it’s new “tablecloth!” Take a look at Lucy’s tiny tablecloth here:

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