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UPDATE!!! Woohooo!!

Anna Marino excited new oil cloth oilcloth update upgrade website yay

Hey all you oilcloth lovers!

We just updated our website! It is so much easier to navigate, 1000x cuter/cleaner, and all the pictures will now match up to the patterns!

We are all so excited about this new online look, but we still are the same oilcloth company since 2007.

Have fun shopping! :)

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Check out our newest Bike Basket Liners

Anna Marino backpack basket bicycle bike floral fruit handmade handmade in philadelphia laminated liner oil cloth oilcloth waterproof wipeable

Our oilcloth Bike Basket Liners are super cool. Not only do they serve as a liner for your bike basket they convert into a backpack or handbag too! They are perfect for all weather! Great in the rain! We also sell the basket too!



We now have 11 new bike basket liners all in stock and ready to ship!


Any questions, simply give us a call at 610.888.2037

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